Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas & Yarn

Since I had so much downtime during Christmas I decided to work on a goal I've had this year; learn how to knit. I turned to good 'ol Pinterest to help me tackle this intimidating goal. Previously I'd pinned a "how to knit" tutorial for beginners on my personal Pinterest. I love this tutorial, it was fairly easy for me to follow.  Here is the link to the tutorial.

It took me some practice, but below are pictures of my self taught progress.  I know it's not much and there are definitely some noticible errors, but the important thing is I'm learning.

I've decided to continue my knitting education in 2013 (it's on the resolution list).  My year end goal for the coming year is to knit a beautiful thick English cable knit style comforter with some matching pillows. We shall see....

Merry Christmas!

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