Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tour of some AZ lakes

This past weekend Kelly and I hopped in the car and took a mini road trip through the Salt River & it's lakes. The roads we took included some fun ghost towns. I stopped several times on road sides to take landscape photos.

The trip got really adventurous when the pavement ended and the speed limit dropped to 10mph complete with windy curves that are suppose to be for a vehicle in each direction, but were wide enough for just one car. Keep in mind since Roosevelt Lake is a larger AZ body of water, large boats can be attached to some big trucks. Getting the scary picture now?

The heart pumping fun continued multiple times when approaching one lane bridges and trying to decide which car would cross first without initiating a game of chicken. Although the picture of the bridge below is of the Roosevelt Lake bridge which is not a one lane bridge thankfully.

Below are pictures(in random order as I STILL can't figure out how to keep the pictures displayed in the order I upload them.)

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